Tuesday, January 8, 2013

54 on the week

I had the week off and got to play a bit. Took the kids up sanitas and bear peak, climbing outside and ran a 25 miler with shad at the FA. Donovan was bugging me to climb when he saw the bouldering area on the backside of sanitas. Bear peak was great with jv and Donovan. Donovan cruised up fern without taking a break. No too bad of a 9 year old. Climbing in the flat irons near Mallory cave. Donovan struggled up the slab and taven did too. It was fun bumping into GZ, ray, Katie at the fa. Lots of people on the trail. Shad and I ran a smaller loop. We ended up doing 25 miles in 4:20 or so. I was really struggling after mile 20. I also started cross fit. Not too sure if I can maintain a 50 mile a week regiment but it was sure great to get outside and run with the front rangers. Back to work this week and I have a lot of work ahead. I am excited to see everyone back at school and resume the great work we started.

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