Tuesday, March 1, 2016

feb. training

Getting ready for the Grand Traverse has been fun and mixing it with some longer runs. I ran 23 this month...fell apart at mile 20. I jogged at 8:30 pace. Skied two fourteeners. I was pretty scared because I am a crappy skier and worried about avalanche. I really do not know what I am getting into for this grand traverse. I am really looking forward to it. I tend to look for adventures. I skied and ran 175 miles this month. It has been the second longest month I have ever recorded. Most of it was not running but Skiing feels a lot like hiking at altitude which will be good for the upcoming months. I hope to get in 200 miles in March and add 25 each month. I love the races I signed up for and I feel that I have a good line up of tough hiking/running/mountain races.

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