Friday, April 4, 2014

8 months since surgery

I was able to hike a bit this week during spring break. I am still off and on and really taking it easy to get into running again. I took off Feb and March. Just hiking. I did manage to sneak in 2 long hikes. I have not been this sore in 9 months. It is tough to be in pain from my own doing. The pain last summer was excruciating and it I am very cautious about going through that again. My surgeon also told me not to run because my neck was not fully fused. My runs involve 3/4 run and 1/4 walk. I average about 10 minutes per mile. After my 10k vert and 27 miles in 2 days my right knee and quads are tired. I played 18 holes and shot a 79. My longest drive was 250 yards. It was fun.

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