Saturday, February 9, 2013

Great month of running with friends

It has been an exciting month ramping up for a couple of races and just getting out. I am running 35-45 mile weeks mostly on the weekends with friends. My brother in law signed up for lt100 so it has been fun watching him get into the sport. He has never run a marathon so it will be interesting to see how his training goes. I went for a run before the snow today. I ran 13.1 in 1:45. I ran with Mike Thompson who is excited about his new line of pearl shoes that are coming out in a couple of weeks. He has worked hard for 3 years on this line of tri, road and trail shoes. Can't wait to get my feet in these new shoes. Quad rock and dirty thirty coming up. Those are the only races for 2013. Too much time on the job. I worked 60 hours this week plus 7 hours of driving. Not enough time to devote to my favorite hobby of climbing and running. I love my job and the time and energy I put into it is worth it!

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