Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear Friends & Family,

Without a doubt, I am getting ready for the biggest challenge of my life. On August 21 and 22, 2010, I will be running an ultramarathon in Leadville, CO! That’s 100 miles, and yes all at once. Luckily, I am not doing this on my own. I have a great team of pacers and support crew. To get my crew the right gear to run through the mountainous terrain, I have teamed up with Pearl Izumi, a running and biking company.

More importantly even than my physical commitment to running 100 miles, is my commitment to raise funds for our sister school St. Paul in Uganda and the Mwebaza Foundation. St. Paul is in need of an adequate school building and land to increase student achievement in an impoverished area of the world.

I am not only running this race for the St. Paul students, but also for my students at Coyote Ridge who have inspired me by their generosity to reach out to underprivileged students across the globe. We have had students take their own birthday money and donate it to the foundation. It is critical for me to learn from my students and lend a hand to such a worthy cause.

As I run the 100 miles, you will be with me in spirit, and your sponsorship will inspire me to run stronger and faster to the finish line. A donation of one cent per mile is suggested, but whatever you can do to contribute matters…it all adds up! If I can generate one cent per mile, that would be one dollar per person. I am hoping to generate $1,000 (1000 donations) for St. Paul.

If possible, please send your donation by August 21st, so I can monitor the fundraising efforts. If you are writing a check, please make the checks out to the Mwebaza Foundation and put Leadville in the memo. If you are in Adams 12 school district you could pony the donation to Coyote Ridge Elementary School-Mwebaza Foundation (be sure to include your name).

Mwebaza Foundation

P.O. Box 353

Niwot, CO 80544-0353

Thank you so much for your support and generosity!

Donald Beuke

P.S. visit my website for more info and the latest news on my progress! []


  1. That is crazy. Good luck! We are more than happy to donate to such a great cause! :-)

    Peter, Melissa and Caden (first grader)

  2. We'd love to see pictures of your great adventure! Hope it went well. You were in our thoughts this weekend! ~Audrey and Adam Prosser